Various recycled plastic granules - PP PE PVC ABS and functional, recycled plastic pellets

PP PE PVC ABS and functional, recycled plastic pellets

Model Name.:PP PE PVC ABS and functional, recycled plastic pellets

  • Model No.:
  • Application: Injection, compression molding, blow molding, blown film, spinning, molding of various plastic products, etc.
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Product Feature:

Provide PP PE PVC ABS, and functional, recycledplastic pellets.


1. Recycled plastic pellets, types, specifications, functions, and usagerequirements are different, 

There is no way to detail the contents of each recycledplastic pellet.

2.  Inorder to quickly provide the needs of your company to buy recycled plasticpellets, inform the 

plastic  pellets ofspecific uses, detailed physical parameters, color, (injection, compression 

molding,blow molding, blown film, Snagging)and the quantity of each batch and type ofdemand.

3.  Recycledplastic grain advantages: cheap. Disadvantages: (except for black, other colorswill have

 a small amount ofblack small stains) (Recycled plastic grain dyeing is easy to produce 

chromaticaberration ) (Recycledplastic physical parameters stability is worse than new materials).

4. Recycledplastic pellets: (recycled recycled plastic pellets for the first time) (Secondrecycled plastic 

pellets) (three timesrecycled plastic pellets) Quality and price are different

5. Ifyour company needs samples, it can only provide 1-3KG,black or natural color (because other 

colors are  not necessarily in stock).

PS: Recycled plastic pellets pass SGS ROHS testing standards.

(Ifyou need to more detail information, welcome you to contact us for furtherdetails).

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