Various nano products Class - Nano natural bamboo charcoal powder

Nano natural bamboo charcoal powder

Model Name.:Nano natural bamboo charcoal powder

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  • Application: Antibacterial, deodorant, dehumidification, warmth, paint, fabric, food, beauty, daily necessities, anti-electromagnetic waves, purification of indoor toxic substances, etc....
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Product Feature:

The bamboo charcoal as human natural black demand by Japanese specialists, is Keeping the health of best choice. 

Nano Grade bamboo charcoal powder,Black/White.

The function of Nano Grade bamboo charcoal powder: 

1.Release far infrared up to 90%: far-infrared enables water molecules to resonate, to help water molecules through the cell membrane, increase the oxygen content of blood, activate cells, promote blood circulation, improve the human body environment.

2.The absorbent, antibacterial, deodorant: Bamboo charcoal carbonaceous structure is very dense, heavy gravity, porosity, rich in mineral content, and therefore has a strong adsorption ability to decompose, the air sulfide, nitride, methanol, benzene , phenol, chloroform and other organic pollutants or hazardous chemicals, can play excellent absorption and deodorizing functions.

3.Thingwell using physical principle on nano-technology to research & develop the dry- type grinding machine for the ultrafine nano powder production. Botanical, Pure natural, non-pollution, is the real ECO friendly product. Through National inspection certified, the product is with a strong specific surface area and adsorption, electrical conductivity and strong activating, easy to disperse. Particle size according to customer demand, Using the most advanced nanotechnology powder machine for dry-type grinding, in grinding process will not add any substance, to ensure good quality.

charcoal powder Uses:

fabric clothing, cosmetic, shampoo, Facial wash milk, scented soap, Facial Mask, toothpaste, food, daily necessities..... and other additives .

(Certification by SGS)


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