Nano masterbatch for functional fibers and fabrics - Nano-functional fiber masterbatch

Nano-functional fiber masterbatch

Model Name.:Nano-functional fiber masterbatch

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  • Application: Antibacterial, deodorant, cool, warm, breathable, perspiration, anti-UV.
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Product Feature:

Nano Silver FunctNano ional, PET, PA, Nylon,Pol yester, HIPS, Masterbatch.


1. Nano silver masterbatch can be used for drawing and fabric, refrigerator lining, toothbrush.

2. Does not contain any toxic, irritating or silver precipitates, and has a long shelf life.

3. The nano-silver radiation wavelength exceeds 90%, and the frequency is between 8μm and 12μm, which is suitable for the human body.

4. The fabric made by this method is deodorant and antibacterial, it also helps to easily remove moisture, reduce the chance of allergies and skin irritation, and promote metabolism.

5. It can also be used to keep the ladys parts clean and pleasantly scented.

6. Masterbatch is mainly supplied to man-made fiber equipment for elongation and short yarn.

7. Underwear that can be used for women and socks.

8. Refrigerator lining, deodorizing, antibacterial, keeping food fresh.

PS: Other masterbatches such as ABS, PC, PE, PP, PS, PBT, PES, TRITAN, etc. can also be customized.

[Also provide nano bamboo charcoal, coffee, cool, heat, anti-mosquito, anti-bacterial deodorant and other functional yarn masterbatch]


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