Powder coating, plastic powder, coating, hot melt adhesive powder - EVA, PE, PA ,TPU,EAA,PET, hot melt plastic powder

EVA, PE, PA ,TPU,EAA,PET, hot melt plastic powder

Model Name.:EVA, PE, PA ,TPU,EAA,PET, hot melt plastic powder

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  • Application: Apparel industry, footwear industry, reflective materials, bonded shirts, laminated fabrics, bonded nonwovens, air filtration. Clothing printing factory, hot stamping factory, etc.
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Product Feature:

HDPE/LDPE/High/Low density polyethylene

HDPE is a high crystallinity and non-polarity thermoplastic resin. A very good laundry resistance is the remarkable property of HDPE. It is especially suitable for blouse and shirt collars and cuffs and automotive decorative materials.

The characteristic and application of LDPE
LDPE is used in interlining of women and children s wear, shoes, hats and non-woven,CTO.

EVA/ Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

The characteristic and application of EVA:With low melting point and high adhesion, EVA isused in interlining of children s wear, shoes, hats and non-woven.

TPU/Thermoplastic polyurethanes

Polyurethane, which has widely rigidity range, is low density, low melting point and soft texture. On the same rigidity, the carrying capacity of PU is better than other elastomer. It is wearproof, good impact resistance; good rebound elasticity, excellent flexibility. It can bond with lumber, metal and most plastic.  Application fields: fabric in interlining,automotive decoration,sheet metal, shoe industry,foilprint,glitter printed and flexible fabric compound.


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