Electroplating additives and chemicals related categories - Epoxy, polyester, acrylic, high temperature resistant powder coating

Epoxy, polyester, acrylic, high temperature resistant powder coating

Model Name.:Epoxy, polyester, acrylic, high temperature resistant powder coating

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  • Application: Metal, Non-Metallic Surface, Corrosion Resistant, Anti-UV, Beauty Coating.
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Product Feature:

Plastic powder coatings, electrostatic powder coatings,

Product description:

1. Epoxypowder coating:

Because of itselectrical insulation, adhesion, chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, andexcellent edge coverage, it can be appliedevenly to complex shapes. It is widely used in electrical insulation coatingsand buried steel pipes. Edge coating, home appliances, office furniture, industrialmachinery and transportation industry parts corrosion and beautiful coating. Disadvantagesof epoxy powder coating are poor weather resistance, easy to produce powderwhen exposed to the outside, so it isnot suitable for outdoor use.

2.  Acrylic powder coating:

With the characteristics of weatheringsurname, color retention, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, and metaladhesion, it is the mainstream of powder coating for aestheticcoating. The main markets are household appliances, auto parts and sewingmachines.

3.  Polyester powder coating for outdoor use:

Excellent aging resistance and weatheringsurname, suitable for long-time outdoor exposure of workpieces, such as farmequipment , shading plates, bicycle skeletons, fences,beach chairs, automobile tires, steel rings, aluminum windows, antenna frames,parasols, etc. The disadvantage is poor solventresistance.

4.  Epoxy and polyester mixedpowder coatings:

Because it has the advantages of epoxy and polyester powder coating, theprice is cheaper, so it is widely used by most of the industry; main uses include furniture, display racks, jacks, baby carriages,fans, refrigerators, kitchen utensils, luggage, parasols, hangers, Castings and other uses .

5.  Polyurethane (PU) powdercoating:

With the advantages of weatherresistance, In addition, the coating has good flatness and is suitable for thincoating. However, there are not many users in Taiwan due to the release of irritatingby-products during high-temperature curing and the high unit price.


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