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Fish Health Intelligent Management

Model Name.:Fish Health Intelligent Management

  • Model No.:
  • Application: Seawater and freshwater, indoor and outdoor, intelligent management of aquaculture
  • Patent Region:Taiwan,China

Product Feature:

Seawater and freshwater, indoor and outdoor, intelligent management of aquaculture


1.24-hour smart monitoring. Effortless fish and shrimp farming. No age or site restriction. The status of your pond culture can be monitored on cellphones or computers at all time so you have time to rest and reduce labor cost. Human-machine interface display. Remote control. Easy to operate. Cloud and big data repository. Daily recording and management transformed to “Graphical Display” so farmers can clearly understand daily changes and perform search of them.

2.The smart control system can connect aerator, feeder, water thermometer, salt meter, pH meter, NH3-N meter, generator, and pond culture abnormality alarm together. It can set the demand of high or low dissolved oxygen saturation of the pond culture. Aerators will be turned on or off automatically according to the level of dissolved oxygen saturation. Fish and shrimp feeders can be programed to change the time and quantity of feeding.

3.The aquaculture smart monitoring system has the advantages of electricity conservation, reduction of probability for medication, and enhancement of quality, farming efficiency, production, earnings.

4.There are solar and non-solar sensors.

PS: Intelligent Aquaculture Management System Language, Chinese and English. It can also be customized for Spanish, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic and Russian at an additional cost.

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