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General idea for how to choose aquaculture aerator

Model Name.:General idea for how to choose aquaculture aerator

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General idea for how tochoose aquaculture aerator.

Blower (air filling aerator)

1.The pond bottom equipped with pipes or aerating tray, output air to meet result of generating oxygen rapidly. 

2.Such aerator is very suitable for indoor multi ponds or multi tanks which connected & separated flow by PVC pipes, applied with valve to adjust capacity of output air, it is suitable for application for both deep & shallow ponds aquaculture, especially suitable for deep ponds which is with big density of fish culture.   

3.Defect : aerating tray or pipes holes on bottom of pond, it will be stuck due to dirt. 

4.(to install air filling aerator outdoor is not recommended) 

Waterwheel aerator:  

1.During this equipment is running, the paddles hitting water with high speed, to stir air into water,to meet purpose of generating oxygen. Such type aerator is suitable for the shallow pond,it will not stir bottom dirt, keeps pond with clear water.  

Water spout aerator:  

1.This equipment applied with water pump to feed water into the sprinkler which installed in center and shore area of fishpond, to spout water and water fallen down similar to rainfall, makes water contacted air to meet purpose of increasing oxygen dissolving. Such equipment is just suitable for the shallow small fishpond only. 

Wheel paddles aerator: 

1.This equipment by stirring water and aerating theory to add oxygen dissolved volume inside water, with good performance of generating oxygen, with high power efficiency, it is available for various models as per capacity of electrical power. To float whole one piece of this equipment in center of pond during application, and to secure it in shore of pond by a rope. 

2.Rotate the paddles during it is working, to stir water, produces the mixed function of water bailing and water pushing, makes water layer with upward downward circulation, dissolved oxygen within whole water with trend to balance. Common demand for pond with depth for 1.5 - 2 meters. 

Jet flow aerator

1.Such aerator combined with submersible pump and jet flow pipe accessory. When it is working, water inside pump spouted by high speed from nozzle inside jet flow pipe, produce negative pressure to suck air, water and air mixed within mixing chamber, then been pressed out from spreading pipe, dissolved oxygen will be spread with water flow in linear direction. As such aerator without running mechanism under water, it will not injure fish body, it is suitable for application of deep fishpond with big density of fish culture. 

Conclusion : 

1.Presently, there are available for various models of aerator in the market, some items are invented with strange description of product name due to people’s mind like to explore "novel object”, however, every change always based on its original principle, that is means to apply a aerodynamic theory to meet performance of adding dissolved oxygen inside water, the result converted from electrical energy to aerodynamic energy, in a word that mechanical structure consists of one electric systemblower, one electric systempump, one electric systemmixing paddles and working theory. At present, even people applied with a slogan of "consumes very less electricity to produce very big capacity of dissolved oxygen" to attract the buyer, let end user think to buy product due to they have obtained benefit (such slogan violate the rule of energy conversion, it is doubtful), therefore, to choose aerator suitable for the status of your pond and combined with different function of aerator, in order to carry out the most best performance. 

2.The depth of each aquaculture pond is different, density of fish culture is different, with different fish species, required aerator to be equipped is also different. To meet purpose of high productivity high efficiency, equipment of aerator applied in each pond, the owner of aquaculture should be purchased it as per actual requirement, do not receive too much untrue information from amateur people!

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