Various nano products Class - Nano Hydrophily Self-Cleaning Hydrophobic Agent For Solar Panel

Nano Hydrophily Self-Cleaning Hydrophobic Agent For Solar Panel

Model Name.:Nano Hydrophily Self-Cleaning Hydrophobic Agent For Solar Panel

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  • Application: Glass curtain, solar panel, ceramic, marble, and easy to clean the effect of reducing the dust on the surface of solar panels to improve solar energy efficiency of light energy to reduce the aerial work of manpower and r...
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Product Feature:

Nano Hydrophily Self-Cleaning Hydrophobic Agent For Solar Panel 

Optoelectronics converting technology has been developed rapidly since 21st century, After optoelectronics converting efficiency has been upgraded speedily in early stage, due to it is gradually to reach the theoretical limit value, the R&D progress of breakthrough technology entered into a stable stage. Under such condition, other factors makes impact to power generating efficiency and power generating output is obvious gradually. The one of impact factor come from dust covered on components become a important research theme gradually. Self-cleaning technology for solar panel components has developed under status of such background.     

2.Self-cleaning technology means the technology with self-purify cleaning ability, the early research of such technology was started from 1970s, 1980s in last century, normally it applied with glass, ceramic, cement, etc. building material as carriers. The application in solar field is mainly for applying self-cleaning technology on glass panel surface for solar panel components, makes glass with physical and chemical reaction, then traditional manual mop washing method is not required again, clean status can be reached when it under natural rain flushing. Carriers of self-cleaning technology is solar components glass panel, self-cleaning material under “film” or “coating” status to combined with glass together, to display self-cleaning performance. The glass industries called the product with such self-cleaning ability as “self-cleaning glass”, the components installed with such glass is “self-cleaning components.”          

Category of Self-Cleaning Technology:
Category of self-cleaning technology is mainly as per its wettability, it can be classified as super 
hydrophily self-cleaning glass and super hydrophobic self-cleaning glass.            

Solar panel / Nano Super Hydrophobic Self-Cleaning Paint: 
Regarding nano super hydrophobic self-cleaning paint, product is based on colorless transparent liquid, 
by applied with global leading nano synthetic technology, it made by advanced production equipment
and technics.         

2.Application operation of this product is simple, with high fastening, without poison without pollution, it can be dried as solid under room temperature, object surface become a layer of high density secure nano super hydrophobic transparent film after it has been treated, the hydrophobic angle is different when it combined with different material, water on that material surface become sphere glob when it viewed from appearance, if it placed on upright surface, glob will be rolled down under gravity action,it with strong repelling for water, this nature is similar to “lotus effect” which we very familiar about it, the rolling glob will take particle of dust dirt together away from surface, to reach performance of  hydrophily self-cleaning. It is applicable for easy cleaning, waterproof, corrosion-proof, anti-oxides and to avoid ampere transmission and anti-static, etc. field, it has provided with much more convenience for human life.    
Applicable Range: 

1.Glass curtain, solar panel, ceramic, marble, it is able to avoid water accumulation, and get performance of easy cleaning, reduces dust on surface of solar panel, improves solar energy efficiency of solar panel, reduces labor power material and expense for high altitude operation.      


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