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Pure water machine,Water treatment RO + cation and anion resin

Model Name.:Pure water machine,Water treatment RO + cation and anion resin

  • Model No.:Pure water machine,Soft water purification machine,Water treatment RO + cation and anion resin,Pure water machine automatic control,Purification of water quality equipment.
  • Application: Electroplating, electronics, chemistry, surface treatment, food, agricultural products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, drinking water, etc. Add / replenish / wash.
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Product Feature:

Pure water machine,Water treatment RO + cation and anion resin

1.Specialty provides a variety, reservoir water, spring water, tap water etc., different requirement of water
treatment automatic equipment.

2.Water purification machine is to remove the water, all kinds of harmful impurities, Micro-solids, organic matter, heavy metals, chlorine ions, harmful human bacteria... to make the water purity (15us Or less, and can be used In chemical, electroplating, food, drinking water, cosmetics). (1us Or less ultrapure water can be used in pharmaceutical, medical and semiconductor industries).

3.Depending on different water quality, different models purification function from 1,000-50,000L / hour (better water quality, water purification effect and yield more).

4.PH value pure water manufacturing process will produce high or low it is normal, pure water storage tank will be because the storage time, pure water quality will change.

PS: According to the water quality need to increase ozone and UV sterilization equipment.

RO + resin pure water treatment automatic equipment / RO Soft water treatment automatic equipment

1.According to difference of requiring products, Thing well company is available for A, B ,C, grade, 3 types of  products, the quality, unit price will be difference. When you are inquiring about it, kindly inform us which type of product you need it, in A, B,C, grade?  And enable us to quote you the price accordingly. 

2.Welcome you to keep this information in file for future inquiry purpose, thank you.

3. Non-tap water, purifying water quality equipment is more expensive.

PS: Also accept larger specifications water purifier custom.

AC: 110-220 V / single phase /3 phase / 50 / 60 HZ

The above information is for reference only, according tocustomer demand for customized production.


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