Various nano products Class - Nano-building exterior shell green paint.

Nano-building exterior shell green paint.

Model Name.:Nano-building exterior shell green paint.

  • Model No.:Nano cooling paint,Nano energy-saving coatings,Nano outdoor building housing cooling coating,Nano-architectural coatings,Outdoor building housing cooling coating,Plant building external cooling paint,Nano anti-UV cooling coating,
  • Application: Housing, factories, outdoor buildings, anti-UV, reduce building internal temperature, make the body feel cool, reduce dirt and dust adhesion, reduce outdoor building corrosion, energy saving and environmental protectio
  • Patent Region:Multi-country

Product Feature:

Nano-building exterior shell green paint


This unit, regarded as the latest Green-Energy product, was exclusively developed by the P.H.D. of Applied Science at NCTU, accompanying a technical cooperation from USA.  The main technology of this product is come up with the components of Nano Insulation, to a reduction of heat and temperature penetration, as well as having a protective effect against  sprinkling water and damp phenomenon while applied to the outer atmosphere. Product has come through an actual test from which a building structure with RC iron sheet waving board on it, its temperature difference at superficial and indoor is about 30℃ & 7~℃ in between. Bycomparison, costs on saving the air-conditioning before and after the use through other customers is about 30~61%. Product is recognized and is in use by Formosa Plastic Corporation, UMC, GFC, KUO-KUANG Bus in Taiwanese famous companies…….etc and has received a certification from INTERTEK of USA,  the Green Mark from Singapore Government, CMA of China, SGS & TAF of Taiwan. Product is safe and relief to use. A further discussion will be welcomed for those industries that include livestock, petrochemical, building, technology, transportation, and other type of industries that are fit to this product. y to clean,


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