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Blowers, Aerator, Roche blower, Aquaculture aerator,

Model Name.:Blowers, Aerator, Roche blower, Aquaculture aerator,

  • Model No.:Blowers, Aerator, Roche blower, Electroplating blower ,Aquaculture aerator, Sewage slot aeration machine,
  • Application: Aeration increases dissolved oxygen in aquaculture ponds to improve the survival rate of fish and shrimp ponds and increase harvesting.
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Product Feature:

Pressure Type Roots Blower

Three Lobes reduce vibration and noise.

Standard:1000mmAq ~ 8000mmAq Product. 

Product Description.

Model : THW series ( Pressure Type ).

FOR JET three lobes blowers are new series roots type blower. By CNC machine, we made precise rotors to promote performance, lower noise and vibration.

1)Lower Energy Consumption : Three lobes design control backflow pressure to rotor so reduce energy consumption.

2)Lower Noise : Pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower, three lobes design can efficiently reduce noise by approximately 5 dB.

3)Longer Bearing Life : Less vibration transmitted through the lobe results approximately 20% longer bearing life.

Feature :

Wide range for volume, pressure and vacuum:
1. Bore : 25A ~ 300A ( 1 1/2 ~10 Inch )

2. Capacity : 0.2 ~ 230 m3/min

3. Pressure : 0 ~ 8000 mmAq

4. Vacuum : - 4500 mmAq

Stable air flow and less pressure variation.

Clean air not with oil moist.

Construction simple and easy maintenance.

Bearings are all lubricated by oil moist.

AC: 220 / 380 / 415 / 440 V / 3 phase / 50 / 60HZ (please specify)

Power: 2 / 3 / 5 / 7.5 / 10 / 15 / 20 HP (please specify).

(The outlet can choose to add muffler).

The motor uses well-known brands: East yuan or Datong.

Bearing: Japan or Europe.

Other parts Made in Taiwan.


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