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Plating rectifier,Electroplating rectifier,

Model Name.:Plating rectifier,Electroplating rectifier,

  • Model No.:Plating machine, Electroplating rectifier, Electroplating machine, Electroplating machines, Acid Electrolytic Rectifier, Hard chrome plating rectifier, Anodized aluminum rectifier, Electrophoresis paint rectifier, Metallurgical refining rectifier, High-frequency electroplating rectifier,
  • Application: Various plating, Aluminum anodizing, Electrophoretic paint, PCB plating, Hard chromium plating, Surface treatment, Metallurgical refining,etc.
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Product Feature:

Various plating rectifier,Electroplating rectifier

How to choose Electroplating rectifier:

1)Wave types are available for direct current method, pulse method, PR method, alternative current method, alternative & direct current method, recovery method, inversion method.

2)Nowadays the electroplating rectifier in the market is mainly by direct current method, and it is divided by two categories: high frequency and SCR, these two categories is with advantage, defect individually:  

3)Advantage of high Frequency rectifier: flows saving, less space occupied, light weight, saving of material consumption, it is mostly used for electronics components application, with more cheaper price price. Wave is better than SCR when it is without added wave filter. [defect: most of electronics components is easy to corrode by humidity and acid, alkaline air, trouble chance is higher than SCR type, with less durability, especially if capacity is higher than, trouble chance is more higher, Rectifier Manufacturers if the technology is Not mature enough or use cheap material, That is the biggest loss of the electroplating factory.]

4)SCR rectifier:Advantage:Low trouble chance, durable long life, with more higher material cost, Electronics components application is less than high frequency type, it is not easy to corrode by humidity, acid, alkaline air. (defect: with more higher price, with more bigger space occupied, with more heavy weight, with more higher power consumption when it is compared with same power of high frequency type).  

5)Cooling method of high frequency rectifier is available for 2 types: air cooled type, water circulation cooled type.

6)Cooling method of SCR rectifier is available for 5 types: air cooled type, fan cooled type, water circulation cooled type, oil dipping cooled type, oil dipping + water circulation cooled type.  

7)Air cooled type, fan cooled type, water circulation cooled type is easy to corrode, aged by acid, alkaline air, due to contacted mechanical components directly, it is not suitable for application when factory site is under higher acid, alkaline air status. 

8)oil dipping cooled type and oil dipping + water circulation cooled type is to immerse most of rectifier unit into oil, mechanical components is not easy to get trouble, due to it is not contact acid, alkaline air easily. It is suitable for application of electroplating factory when it is under higher acid, alkaline air status. 

9)High-frequency rectifier:High efficiency, very low power consumption, small size, light weight, cheaper, gradually become the mainstream in China. (Mainly in recent years, environmental China management is changing rapidly, do not want to buy durable).

Plating Rectifier (non-standard) 

1)High-frequency water-cooled/Air-cooled rectifier   (0---30V)   (0---6,000A)

2)High-frequency water-cooled/ Air-cooled rectifier  (0---100V) (0---100A) Electrophoresis paint dedicated

3)SCR air-cooled rectifier                                          (0---30V)   (0---2,000A)

4)SCR air-cooled rectifier                                          (0---100V) (0---100A)  Electrophoresis paint dedicated

5)SCR Oil-immersed rectifier                                     (0---30V) (0---15,000A)

6)SCR Oil-immersed rectifier                                     (0---80V)(0---3,000A) Aluminum hard oxidation special.

Above plating rectifier buyerscan specify DC / V and A specifications as needed.

AC: 220 / 380 / 415 / 440 / V ±10V / three phases /50 / 60HZ.

Platingrectifiers are divided into: single-phase half-wave, single-phase middle out,single-phase bridge, three-phase half-wave,three-phase bridge, double star six-phase, andother rectification methods, feasible automatic constant voltage, automaticconstant voltage setting Current, automatic current density, etc.

Plating rectifier series,the current waveform varies due to rectification, DC waveform differenceseffect the plating luster, current level of uniformity. 


1) High-frequency water-cooled/Air-cooled rectifier into A / B / C / D grades, using different materials to make it, quality and price are difference, the warranty period is different (Inquiry product details please specify V and A specification as well as other relative requirements).

2)SCR Oil-immersed rectifier into A / B grades, using different materials to make it, quality and price are difference, the warranty period is different (Inquiry product details please specify V and A specification as well as other relative requirements).

3)Taiwan production of SCR Oil-immersed rectifier, in normal use the average life of more than 15 years.

4)when you purchasing any product, it definitely should be supplied by a professional manufacturer and not to pursue cheap price only, easy to use with low trouble is cheap, difficult to use with high trouble chance is expensive.]


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